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Fellowship Committee


The Fellowship Committee continues to support our Sunday Coffee Hour and time of Fellowship each week. It is a wonderful time of socializing for the entire Congregation.


They also hosted the Sunrise Service with breakfast following, Variety Show (also known as Ice Cream Social), Harvest Fair and Holiday Fair, Soup and Bread Sunday for the Annual Meeting.

At times we also host a Luncheon at the Senior Center or host special groups such as the Crew that put on our new roof for 3 days. The Crew, the Committee and all the Volunteers were well fed.

The Pie Pantry continues to be a favorite. We gather to make many pies in one day, and freeze them. These pies remain available for sale throughout the year, as supplies last. Thanks to all our customers who continue to support this endeavor.


Our special thanks to the Committee for always willing to do the work to make all these events happen and there to help, no matter the task. Also for all the people who help out each week by donating food and help with the after hour cleanup and all the behind the scene workers who make it happen.

Thank you Donald for keeping our kitchen sparkling. Thank you Barbara for all the beautiful decorations each week.

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