Trustee’s Corner

1. Ron Drum has volunteered to mow the Church lawn and it looks Great! Many thanks!

2. The “on-demand” hot water heater in the small bathroom in the new Fellowship Hall has been repaired. The problem was

the faucet aerator was allowing too much water flow and would shut down.

3. Parsonage is For Rent. Old tenants are moving to their new home in Lebanon.

4. New computer software has been purchased to assist our church duties.

5. The programmable thermostat’s in the fellowship hall have been replaced with a manual type.

6. Be careful, there are bees at the rear handicap walk. We have sprayed 7/29/19 and did not seem to help. Checking with an exterminator and we will keep you posted.

7. The Lebanon Garden Club is thinking of a daffodil planting along the green this fall. Maybe our church would like to be involved.

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